The Eastern Europe Diaries: Romania

I don’t even know where to start or how to put this into words, but Romania charmed me the second I crossed her border! Long fields of corn ready to be picked, the silks browning, miles and miles of sunflowers in full bloom, their faces in unison; the most gorgeous sunset; wells still in operation – a bucket lifted and locals drinking from it, filling their water bottles; buildings in beautiful decay. … More The Eastern Europe Diaries: Romania

Regarding the Election, Empathy and the Role of Travel

With all of the pain we experience through the acts of others, it’s easy to see why isms exist. We are afraid. We are protecting ourselves. And categorizing, segregating, devaluing, deporting, walling off and stereotyping an entire demographic gives us a sense of control in a world that feels, simply put, out of control. … More Regarding the Election, Empathy and the Role of Travel

I Cannot Get Enough of Herbivorous Butcher, the Vegan Butcher Shop

When BackpackMr and I recently moved to the Minneapolis area, I was thrilled to return to city life, and I was looking forward to greater access to culture and the arts, but I was most excited about Herbivorous Butcher, the nation’s first vegan butcher shop. So fervently was I anticipating my first visit to Herbivorous … More I Cannot Get Enough of Herbivorous Butcher, the Vegan Butcher Shop

Safe on Home Soil

Just a quick note to thank all who responded to my previous post via text, phone, email, Twitter, or WordPress. All of your support throughout my negative Airbnb experience in Budapest, Hungary, is so appreciated, and was much needed!   In the end, I made a decision to find other lodging as quickly as I … More Safe on Home Soil

Airbn-bad Experience

After traveling all day yesterday on seemingly endless hours of buses, I am in my final destination of Budapest, flying home Tuesday at sunrise. Throughout the week I had encountered difficulty communicating with my Airbnb host. Because I was traveling all day, my bus arrived at the inconvenient time of midnight. I needed a foolproof … More Airbn-bad Experience